The Book

A book has shredded the shelves of your local bookstore and bike shop. Mountain Bike Madness, published by Motorbooks International, has entered the building.

Mountain bikes are bikes. Since the 1970s, when it started becoming a niche unto itself, mountain biking has gone from no-tech to high-tech; Mountain Bike Madness documents the evolution of the mountain bike and the spread of ridership across America. Written in fun, conversational language, and featuring 80 full-color photos, this book takes enthusiasts old and new on a spin with:

  • The bikes: from cruisers and clunkers to full suspension and titanium, plus notes on gear, treads, and threads—plus practical advice on how much it can all cost.
  • The people: profiles of yesterday’s and today’s hottest riders!
  • The styles: street riding, cross-country, freeride, downhill, touring, and even night riding are featured.
  • The events: from an easy trail ride to World Cup competition, how everyone can get into the sport.

Mountain Bike Madness

by J. P. Partland, photographs by John Gibson

Motorbooks International, St. Paul, MN

96 pages, 80 color photographs

U.S. $14.95 / Can. $23.95

ISBN 0-7603-1440-3