Author, Photographer

Author J.P. Partland first swung his leg over a bicycle when he was three. Little did he know it would become a lifelong obsession. An obsessive cyclist, his work has appeared on numerous Web sites and countless cycling-specific and general interest magazines. In addition to his work as a journalist, he has also performed stand-up comedy, and written plays, teleplays, and short stories. His other books include: The World of BMX, Tour Fever, and Where to Bike New York City. He still finds there is never enough time to ride and never enough room for bikes. He writes regularly at Just Riding Along. Mr. Partland lives in New York City.

Photographer John Gibson spent the first ten years of his career as a newspaper photographer in Calgary, Alberta. In 1996, he started photographing the mountain bike scene and immersed himself in the bicycle industry. Now, he travels the world taking pictures of people riding their bikes.  When he’s not shooting pictures, he enjoys riding the trails that start right outside his home. Mr. Gibson lives in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta. His work can be found at Gibson Pictures.